Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineering Jobs | Farm Machinery Sales Executive

Agricultural engineers use their knowledge of engineering to solve problems in agriculture. An agricultural engineer usually specialise in a specific field such as agricultural mechanisation, soil conservation and the processing of food. Agricultural engineers often work in the field and sometimes they are away from home for several days. The minimum requirement for agricultural engineers is a B.Sc. degree in Engineering or Agricultural Engineering.

There are many food chain and farm jobs which require either an engineer or engineering skills. Whilst many self employed farmers try to do their small engineering jobs, there is more specialist plant and machinery equipment which requires dedicated engineers with specialist skills and also specific plant experience to be able to service and repair such plant. These jobs will satisfy those individuals with vocational hands on skills with or without college qualification to fulfill the job. Sometimes with such specialist engineer skills, it is possible to advance careers by gaining promotion to a farm machinery sales executive role and thereon to a farm machinery crop business manager job.

Not all agricultural engineering jobs are necessarily fixed to moving farm machinery, the food industry has a large mixture of equipment involved in food preparation requiring on going maintenance and repair. Engineers are an essential component in the smooth running of an industrial food factory specific to service and repair. Again for those individual with an eye to people management they can easily progress through the management function of production, operation and logistic movement of goods in and material out.

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