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Agricultural Recruitment Agencies UK

Although the farming industry in the UK is currently making the news headlines, on a world-wide basis, agriculture and the industries which process its products and supply its needs are among the most dynamic sectors of practically all national economies. It is not surprising therefore that this sector requires well-informed and multi-skilled individuals to work at all levels in agriculture related jobs.

Increased consumer awareness of environmental and food quality issues, has emphasised the need for agriculturists to have a sound scientific understanding of farming good practices. This awareness and interest has stimulated demand for rural studies courses that focus on ecological agriculture and sensitive environmental and countryside management practices. Some courses reflect the international dimension of the agriculture production by including field trips and periods of study in Europe. Career opportunities are developing rapidly in public and private advisory agencies, which offer interesting work prospects advising on environmental issues to suitably qualified people.

In order to compete in the tough world of animal and crop production these days, it is not sufficient for a farmer merely to farm. He or she needs to have an understanding of accounts, business planning, marketing and law in order to deal effectively with everyday problems which will be encountered. However, the successful agricultural student need not feel that career prospects are limited to food production, the industries supporting farming such as agri-chemicals, food-processing, animal feed manufacturers etc. offer wider horizons. Agricultural recruitment opportunities are available at all levels from sales consultants to more scientifically orientated work in product research and formulation.

Agriculture only represents one element of rural economic development and recognition must also be given to rural businesses, tourism and leisure, and environmental planning and management. Hence the scope for future careers in the countryside has broadened to include diversification into areas such as leisure activities, wind-power generation, countryside and environmental conservation.

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