Animal Feed Jobs

There are many opportunities for those people who have worked either with farm animals or on livestock farms. Increasingly, many have gained college or university qualification after leaving school and wish to transfer from the long hours in a practical rural farm role to move across to work in the agri-supply industry still connected to farming and working with farmers in one of the many ancillary supply or service related or marketing job roles.

For those having worked on livestock farms or have an empathy with livestock farmers, there are various agricultural jobs available to consider as a worthwhile career. There are various agricultural focused companies involved in animal feed manufacture. These companies require dedicated employees from buyers with commodity buying experience in grain as well as the many by products of the human food industry. An animal feed nutritionist is required to bring the ingredients available through a buying department and match the nutrient requirements of customer's farm animals to produce a range of diets for sale under the company's brand name. The manufacturing companies who can be family owned, cooperative or multi-national will have specialist animal feed sales jobs to give technical advice to farmers on the best use of their feed products. This is a very specialist requirement and an agricultural career for someone with a science trained degree and also has a genuine experience working practically with farm livestock.

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