Animal health Jobs – Veterinary Jobs

These are careers linked to animal and farm live stock and are suitable for science based graduates who wish to work in an occupation connected to animals, including farm and companion animals. The roles advertised here do not necessarily require prior practical experience of handling and working with animals, however candidates should be able to apply their science based knowledge and skills in a variety applications with either animal health jobs or veterinary jobs.

Veterinary roles can provide a wide variety of working tasks and job roles from a veterinary surgeon working on the well being of animals, animal technician/veterinary nurses tending the daily if not hourly needs of individual animal, research scientist working to provide the latest technology medicines for animal health well being as well as requiring the animal health sales executive to establish the correct product for the needs of either farm or companion animals.

Sometimes there are veterinary jobs required for specialists to promote and sell licensed medicine products to veterinary surgeons Of course there are many practical and vocation roles connected to the many companion and equine animals away from farm livestock which require either the purely animal handling skills and experience to those requiring science based graduate skills as well animal skills which lead to jobs such as pet shop manager or a pet food sales manager.

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