Arable Sales Manager

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The farm enterprises connected to growing of plants albeit mainstream arable crops, vegetables flowers all require trained individuals and particular those that have undergone training in the various colleges and universities.

The roles based directly with crop growing are best served with a combination of vocational crop growing, science based knowledge of the various biological processes as well as the sound business training in an actual real farm/business structure.

However there are jobs which are allied to the supply of inputs to farm e.g. arable sales executive, as well as marketing of produce off farm e.g. crop business manager.

It is intrinsic all those parties involved in crop growing i.e. both farmers and those responsible for input supply that the products essential for best crop growth are used in accordance with the appropriate licensing authority. Industry assurance schemes which involve industry professionals to undertake and pass rigorous exams such as FACTS i.e. Fertiliser Assurance company Training scheme for people involved in jobs such as Fertiliser Business Manager role and BASIS for Agronomist jobs. All require a responsible attitude not just to crop growing but also to out environment and wildlife about us.

Agronomists are responsible for the successful growing of crops by choosing the best crop and using the correct harvesting techniques to ensure the best quality. Aspects such as the choice of crop and cultivar, preparation of the soil, planting of the crops, irrigation, protection of the harvests and the harvesting and grading of all agricultural crops are studied by the agronomist. The aim is to effectively manipulate the interaction between plant and environment through the use of correct management practices.

The working conditions of the agronomist are diverse and includes work outside in the field, laboratory and office work. Fields of agronomist jobs specialisation are crop protection weed science, irrigation, fertilisation, crop physiology and crop management. Roles which can lead with commercial training to a position of arable sales manager.

Agronomists are employed by agricultural cooperatives, manufacturers of fertilizers and pesticides, harvest insurers, universities and agricultural development companies as well as the various agricultural departments.

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