Commodity Business Manager

In terms of the many careers that people consider adding value to either individual farmer or the agricultural industry, the guiding counsel of a trained person in an agricultural trader job can be the difference between profit and loss for a sole farmer. Candidates here will have a background in farm sales with a college/university degree before progressing to commodity business manager job. These jobs exist in the majority of arable crops i.e. cereals, beef and sheep as well as a multitude of horticultural vegetable crops and flowers. It is normal for these functions to be created along larger businesses involved with input supply of goods to farmers individual enterprise to provide a full farm service on and off the farm. In the case of the cereal market and depending on the size of the product trading function, agriculture work knowledge of the local and national markets are an essential skill and experience for a successful grain trader.

However in the fast moving commodity trading world, experience can lead to career progression with additional business management responsibility leading to jobs such as commodity sales manager role and general manager jobs.

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