Consultancy means many things to executive managers and even more to those that are accountable for the bottom line. Shire Consulting is about delivering business synergy and improvement through experience, right the way to bottom line results, through focused people and business performance.

Through the principal consultants and associates in Shire Consulting, help is at hand. Your Business may need:

  • Change
  • Experience of senior commercial agricultural supply and marketing skills in agricultural related jobs
  • Third party board knowledge and contribution
  • Man management
  • Agricultural Recruitment UK and head hunting services
  • A new approach through Image creation
  • Key Performance Indicator Generation and Benchmarking against your key competitors
  • Recognition of a changing market place for goods and services

With its considerable experience in animal feed manufacture and retail supply to farm, Shire Consulting is able to provide much needed performance improvement through the recruitment of new personnel to either existing or newly created agricultural sales jobs. Also the synergy of a livestock experience person yet qualified animal nutritionist in a feed sales job can yield significant commercial advantage to a sales team in the animal feed industry.

If your business needs to improve its financial performance either through better working practices or the stimulus of new challenges, Shire Consulting can provide the third party consultancy that can motivate new and dynamic actions in your company.