Animal Husbandry and Animal Nutrition Jobs


Our focused and experienced consultants and associates are always dedicated to provide you with all the information and guidance you may require. Also our agriculture and food related employment database comprises of various animal nutrition jobs for animal lovers who love to work in close contact with the animals.

Expert Farm/Livestock/Crop Testament

With considerable experience of farm animal nutrition and formulation plus knowledge of best farm practice, do you want an independent view?

Do you wish an experienced third party to act as an

Independent witness view and/ or offer a professional viewpoint?


Increasing government and European legislation together with Farm assurance schemes are the fundamentals by which successful companies acquit themselves in the farmer selling arena. Are you up to date with animal feed UK legislation with to-day's stretched manpower resource in your business?

Farm Animal Nutrition

The need to provide optimal nutrition for farm livestock has never been greater. Evolving genetic improvements demands increased delivery of nutrients in balance with optimised raw material mixes. The pressure for maximising the best cost nutrition is challenged by the current pressure on UK commodity farm goods prices in a global market.

Do you require an independent view of an animal nutritionist to provide confidence in your business to the marketplace?

Do you require experience of farm husbandry standards and an ability to problem solve issues of farm livestock production and enterprise assessment?

Feed Manufacture

Are you operating best practice in your feed mill?

Is your equipment operationally efficient?

Low cost energetics, minimal wastage, concerned about machinery capital cost replacement. - Want the alternative view?