Feed Sales Job

Working with farmers and connected to agriculture, this is a real rural and countryside related role and there are many agricultural related jobs which provide both a rewarding occupation and giving the best of a work life balance in a rural environment.

They are numerous providers of farm supplies, services and marketing that provide excellent career examples of agricultural related jobs in the rural countryside and its associated environment. There are fuel suppliers providing the different fuel oils for the numerous vehicles, in the working countryside along with the seed, fertiliser, crop protection, contracting along the farm service of the NFU/CLA to off farm with the various crop and livestock marketing services. There are numerous retail farm suppliers where farmers can find their supplies such as fencing materials, dairy hygiene, protective clothing of wellingtons, hard hats, fly sprays, feed blocks, grass seed. Some have a knowledgeable retail shop manager other times there is the more specialist feed sales jobs to advise the farmer of what specialist feed his animal needs. There are numerous agricultural sales jobs helping, advising, monitoring as well as selling a valuable product or service in order for the farmer to add value to his farm business or a specific enterprise.

What is a Sales representative?

Sales representatives give up-to-date information on their products and their use, as well as basic information on farming, crops and animals, to farmers. Their main objective is to increase the sales of their company's products as well as providing an income for himself along the job satisfaction of a job well done.

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