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Equine Jobs | Pet Food Sales Manager

The horse and companion animal market is a billion pound industry of which they are a multitude of equine jobs.

In addition to the caring and livery of horses, there are jobs outside of the direct care of horses. There is the welfare of horses through veterinary surgeons to the provision of farriers who shoe the horses as well as the supply of feed through equine feed sales person and correct feeding advice through an equine nutritionist.

The market for sales of companion animal food to cats and dogs is vast. With a few exceptions, the manufactured feed of all farm animals, zoo animals and companion animals is formulated by expert nutritionists, vets and other professionals. The choice of dog food alone is vast, but every brand is a carefully researched product, designed to meet the different needs of dogs.

These include, to name just a few for example, special diets for sensitive skin, whelping bitches, puppy food, dogs at stud, elderly and working dogs. The choice appears to be never-ending and that is just for dogs. In addition the diets for cats is highly specialist and requires special proteins particular to cat. This is why is vital to have a pet food sales person who understand the dietary needs of both companion animals and is able to provide the right pet food products through the retail industry outlets

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